The GR 1 lens unit laid bare

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Re: The GR 1 lens unit laid bare

Foam like seal

I have taken apart my GR too and can only guess the poor choice of using a soft foam like material is related to balance two things:

- Minimise the friction between the upper and lower lens barrels while it rotates up and down

- Create a physical barrier for the lower tube to block parts which might get inside

Choosing rubber as seal material could possibly create more friction. Maybe the used motor could not handle this or the startup time would be slower?

The real issue is that the material desintegrates with use and exposure to heat, moisturee etc.. Thus parts of it fall inside the body and quite likely create "dust" problems too.

I am curious if GR III lens materials are identical to this regard and if so what Ricoh says about that.

Stuck lens

The problem with the lens beeing stuck in the extended position is mechanical and related to a longer leading screw inside the lens barrel.

@breth: Try to move the big gear inside the opened gearbox to the left so that the lens extends as far as it gets. You will notice a "click" sound. This sound indicated a certain position on the screw. When this position is reached the lens is not retractable by hand anymore. The movement is physically locked by the screw. Even hard down force on the lens will get it nowhere. I do not know how is happens, maybe the screw gets winded out of its thread?

Luckily it can only by "unlocked" by direclty rotating the motor gears or indirectly by rotating the inner lens barrel. See my video:

Thanks for sharing your observations and pictures of the lens! When I unscrewed my GR I was not thinking to document it that well.

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