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Re: M6 Mark II for Photography Review

bianx8 wrote:

Hi everyone! All I’m seeing online with this camera are reviews on it being used as a vlogging/ video camera. Can anyone point me to other reviews besides the one here on dpreview on it as a stills camera? Like a real world review?


I have bought this camera for pictures mostly. I had canon 450d than made more tha 100k clicks during 4-5 years with 70d. It was very big jump in quality in overall. So i was sure my next camera will be 6d mk2, its FF and etc... i do not care 15 stops of DR and 12 DR of 70d is more than enough.

But... here comes all ILCE boom in market so I started to think to move to RP... But, again I like shooting wildlife, my 3 kids and I had 6 fps with 70d, so 3-4 fps with RP is not great at all. And here it comes M6 mk2. I have studied reviews my photos (90%-95% are under ISO 800).

Size factor not of the body only but with lenses matters a lot. Price of all system as well.

Pictures are great, ISO performance is very good too. And I could say 32 mpx for iso is more advantage because grain is so fine and this was a big surprise for me. With little noise reduction you could get very nice picture. Files a huge. Also I was shooting raw only mostly but this camera gives very good Jpeg as well, metering is very accurate.

As for ergonomics it is better than my ex 70d. I was afraid of small body but now I do not miss anything in this body. All buttons are dedicated for what I need and I'm changing drive, focus, electronic/mechanical shutter, ISO modes without looking to menu. I do not miss vari angle screen as well.

As for EVF, I have it I use it often. But while I was in Iceland I did not put it all my trip. i had it in pocket all the time but I was using screen only. M5/M50 form factor could be better in some cases but without EVF we have flexible flash and now I can bounce it. So I like it more than EVF in camera.

I like RAW burst mode and use sometimes, I like focus stacking (not using so much), I like autofocus in all ways. Sometimes it is hard to catch birds in fly but it's OK with tracking, i like electronic shutter. I also like lens lineup and more lenses are coming.

I only miss good native tele lens. Maybe IBIS would be nice but at this moment we don't have it.

I also deactivated rear wheel which is to small and to sensitive so it is easy to change other function but not what you need to change.

So if you have questions I will try to answer, here you will find some my photos, not all are perfect but I'm just a hobbyist :


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