Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Kent Ekasak
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Re: Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

SirHarry wrote:

Kent Ekasak wrote:

G95 price drop at the moment.. The model is a blunder from Panny, and did not sell well even to Vlog users here, the only big growing market at the moment..

G100 is probably the successor of G95/90..

The successor of G9, if any, is G10..

The meaningful competitive upgrade to G95 are PDAF and un cropped 4K..

New design is also welcome..

But the G10 already came out years ago. So just maybe some engineer thought "Lets not name it the G11, but the G110/G100".

If Successor to the G9, then 47 megapixel sensor for sure.

G9 may be another GX8, one of a kind model.. But that's another discussion..

GX850/GF10 is pretty much another dead-end model, unless they add mic port and PDAF.. GF is built and marketed for selfie generation, and no one selfie with their camera anymore.. Only growing market is on video and Vlog, and sorry that Panny is not in the game at the moment because lack of reliable AF.. Reviewers usually recommend Sony/Canon or even Oly for this type of job..

I still guess G95 + PDAF + Full width 4K is worth to create another model.. Most people knows that the video quality of Lumix is (one of) the best, but pulled down by its CAF..

I hope Panny does it right this time..

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