Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: Panasonic G100 “keen price”?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

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I’m surprise this wasn’t reported sooner since I just came back from work.

No news if this is the successor to the G9 or the G90. However, I place my bet it will be the later and we will see the Gh6 series announcement later this year?

Strange: The numbering doesn't make sense. The G95 is just over a year old, so that would be an astonishingly quick turnover. If they designate a "new" GH line or G9 successor, then it would appear like a downgrade, directly interfering with the G95 line. I don't get it really.



I would imagine a “budget” model with all the basic necessities of camera life but built to a keen market price.

Interesting if basic cameras that are small don’t sell well that they might choose to sell a basic camera that is more “full size” format.

Some time ago Panasonic announced that they were going to introduce the almost standard cross industry practice of having the single numeral indicator for their premium lines, two for their mass market and three for their budget lines. They made a botch of it then but the resolve to continue was probably there.

If this argument follows then the G9 might become the G9ii when updated.

Noteworthy is the fact that the dslr lines have been sold as value lines down specified to make them easier to sell more cheaply - there was even a bog-basic Canon 1000D at one stage if I remember correctly.

It makes some sense as a keen price almost loss-leader to encourage new users into M4/3 - if it is basic and rugged then it would almost be attractive to me if the price were right.

In times of world depression a quick make-under of the G90 rushed to just “launch something” with some new tricks but more basic specification for a “can’t possibly not buy it“ price seems to make sense to me.

Anyway it seems to me that Panasonic has always been willing to test new niche markets to see how well a product is accepted.

If this is right it might be more of a replacement for the GX850 which was long overdue -

There is the GF10 and from what I saw in Panasonic shops (in Hong Kong Panasonic cameras are sold through Panasonic shops only, rarely been seen on other camera/electrical appliances shops), GX850 (called GF9 here) is closed to clearance sales item ( always on deep discount) and GF10 is coming close to similar stage lately. Just a small price difference nowadays. 😁

not that it has any historical links to that design - but might just be the camera body to Try and entice newbies that Panasonic might try this time.

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