Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: Panasonic G100 “keen price”?

SystemAgnostic wrote:

This makes the most sense to me, if it really is to be labeled as G100. It is a budget model, probably in DSLR format since it doesn't have an X. I'd guess it uses the same tech as a G85, with a few minor upgrades, in a cheaper body, sold only with a kit lens.

The G## lineup has always been a bit a bit of a middle child that is too expensive without enough technology. I'd rather get basically the same technology cheaper as a GX##, or more recently spend more for a G9.

I guess we shall see soon enough. It also figures that there was a rush of new models before the swap to L-Mount development took the attention. Now there has been a hiatus that is combining with the prospect of a world depression.

It makes sense to have a new model to show “that they care” but to pitch it to a lower price point to entice some new market and it also can be an “easy-placement” as a slightly worked over G90.

Not that it is necessarily going to be a “nasty-cheap” like the Canon 1000D pared back build quality. I don’t think that Panasonic works that way - even their cheaper bodies have been well built. But just a basic camera much like the GM series was and is - no fancy bits - just a rugged camera that does everything that a camera traditionally needs to do will do.

But if it is filled with “easy use” features, icons, and “jump shot” tricks then they will have lost me.

If it were rugged and basic and not expensive then it would be worth a look. A tilt or even a fixed lcd would help get my attention.

In any case basic and less features for a lower price point would be a new trend running contra to the ever compounding need to flog more features for an increase in price.

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