Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

WhiteBeard wrote:

FunGuy66 wrote:

C Sean wrote:

I’m surprise this wasn’t reported sooner since I just came back from work.

No news if this is the successor to the G9 or the G90. However, I place my bet it will be the later and we will see the Gh6 series announcement later this year?

Plausible based on the name, but a G90/95 successor after less than a year and a half sounds very unusual. The G95 is still near launch price in some markets!

My money is on more loopy naming from Panasonic, and a camera that replaces the G9 and/or GH5.

"Loopy naming"; I like this! Still, G100 to succeed to either G9 or GH5 would be even loopier than usual...

I’m coming around to the idea that this will be an unexpectedly early replacement of the G95 to add a few features that can’t be added via firmware, and the G95 will not stick around in the lineup the way the G7 and G85 have.

Or, based on the number of digits, a barebones model that sits below the G95 in the lineup. Which would imply some consistency and logic in naming, so never mind.

Also, the continued availability of G7 and G85 seem to make it unlikely (IMO) that the G100 will be entry level.

And whatever happened to the GX10? A delay in both announcement and shipping doesn't surprise me in the circumstances but the complete silence (both official and rumour mill) does.

Maybe Panny was inspired by Oly's treatment of their - deep breath - M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC 1.25x IS PRO announced nearly 1½ years ago and still nowhere to be seen...

I’m holding out a sliver of hope that it’s merely delayed by the pandemic situation and will be announced alongside the G100. Still a few days to meet the “first half of the year” rumour. However I don’t have much hope it will be anything special.

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