Panasonic will announce the G100 soon.

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Re: Panasonic G100 “keen price”?

SystemAgnostic wrote:

This makes the most sense to me, if it really is to be labeled as G100. It is a budget model, probably in DSLR format since it doesn't have an X. I'd guess it uses the same tech as a G85, with a few minor upgrades, in a cheaper body, sold only with a kit lens.

The G## lineup has always been a bit a bit of a middle child that is too expensive without enough technology. I'd rather get basically the same technology cheaper as a GX##, or more recently spend more for a G9.

The G85 and G7 are still widely available, with kits starting at $500. Is there really enough room between them and the G95 for a new budget model? How do you strip down the G95 to arrive at something that isn’t a marginally refreshed G85? (Which is what the G95 arguably is in the first place.) Can’t take away splash/dust resistance, because now you’re below the G85. No point in hobbling video features, they come with the territory of building mirrorless hardware. Remove IBIS and you’re in G7 territory again. And so on.

This is why I think, despite the numbering, the G100 will not slot in below the G95. There’s no obvious room for it. I think this will break with the “3 digits = entry level” logic (for which there are only one or two precedents anyway), and we’ll be seeing a “100 > 95” logic instead.

Proposed new Panasonic slogan: We’ll  figure out naming eventually. Promise.

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