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Re: MrScorpio...

MrScorpio wrote:


Yes there is a reason.

Myself and my wife had a small photography company doing the business together.

If I'm correct , at the time when these pictures were taken your wife had her own business ( newborn/family photography - not a travel photography) - and you had your own business (IKEA)...

We have on the website some husbands/wife's doing photography business together , and  they enter challenges from one account as ,for example: "A&B... photography". We also have/had many couples who enter challenges separately and they don't (except a few cases) "borrow" pictures from each other.

The company was registered in her name so photos used was “tagged” with her name of course, independently if taken by me or her.

This picture , as she stated , was taken by her ;

... so , why it was entered into the challenge under your name if she has (empty) her own DPR account ?

Regarding 2 accounts it is because I hadn’t used DPReview site since a long time back. I had 2 accounts since a long time back. One of them displaying my real name which I did not want but could not change. Therefore the newt account registered as MrScorpio.

Due to the boredom and sudden a lot of available time during the Corona crisis I started to use DPReview again.

If you doubt my honest intention in challenges, I suggest you ask the Challenge hosts to check if I have used my first account to vote

As a host you should know , that it's almost impossible to check who is voting...


which I have not, if that is what you are insinuating.


No ,  I know for sure , that in the past 3 years you did not vote from the second  account.

As you rightly point out I haven’t used that old account in a quite some time now.

My personal reflection is that there must be a level of trust here. Rather than spending time throwing false accusations around like a private investigator with nothing better to do.

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