Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

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Re: Viltrox 23mm 1.4 - About optical limits review (not just reading the final rating)

Rmcp20 wrote:

unhappymeal wrote:

It’s kinda funny how many negative reactions this lens is eliciting. I know numbers aren’t everything, but you would think Viltrox killed someone’s dog by producing a lens that has better sharpness than the Fujinon, but is not absolutely perfect.

If you want perfect, fast primes, the Olympus f1.2 Pros and the new RF-also are superb, but thy will set you back a lot.

Some comments aren't really negative reactions, although the way they are written transpire that.

Many people say "i would preffer the XF 23mm f2 everyday because its a Fuji lens".

Although that can be read as something negative for the Viltrox, you have to read: "i don't need f1.4 so i will buy the Fuji, its WR and smaller as well, similar price…"

If they needed f1.4, they would say: "hmmmm, $400 more for a bit of better corner sharpness from 1.4 to 2.8....i will try the Viltrox…"

Another problem is that people tend to defend their options with more effort than what they employ on thinking about adjusting to reallity.

Not that buying a Fuji f2 or 1.4 is a mistake, it isn't, i have na 23mm f2 myself, its just that thinking about someone buying something that does the job cheaper then what we spent makes us angry...

This said, there are many people who make their decidions or place their comments based on the pros of each lens vs their needs.

Someone who needs fast AF and 1.4 will lean to the Viltrox, other people wanting corner to corner sharpness will pick the 23mm 1.4. Others who want fast AF and WR, will lean to the XF f2...

But its definitly a good thing to have options, and unfortunatly not everyone agree...never understood why.

Yeah, there's an element of hyperbole to some posts, but others seem to be personally offended that you would even compare the Viltrox against the Fujinons (f/1.4 or f/2). It's bizarre. I saw posts in the other thread stating that the Viltrox had such border sharpness that it was intolerable--the Fujinon f/1.4 isn't exactly perfect either.

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