Alternatives to go longer than 5Ds + 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II

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Alternatives to go longer than 5Ds + 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II

I’m looking for a setup to photograph the sun and moon, and was looking for alternatives for going over 400mm on the APS-C mode on the 5Ds:

A) the most obvious choice is to use a 1.4X III, making it 140-560mm 6.3-8 lens plus the APS-C 19MP crop of 60%, reaching almost 900mm at f8. Apparently, the 1.4X has reduced impact on image quality and it doesn’t require me to buy new body or expensive lenses.

B) I have an incoming 2X II, and that’s the next option. Making the lens a 200-800mm 9-11, and 1280mm f11 on APS-C crop. I could even stack a 1.4X III on the 2X II, for additional 40% reach at the cost of one more light stop, making it almost 1800 f/16. But would lose AF apparently, not big deal since the sun/moon and nearby clouds are my main subjects, may get in a diffraction zone losing optical quality, aggravated by the impact of the 2X, that could get better results cropping from the first option. The advantage being there’s no additional investment.

C) In my plans is to buy a 300mm 2.8L at some point, for portraits, and could pair this with the 2X II extender for 600mm 5.6 and further get to 960mm 5.6 with the APS-C. Which can the extended to over 1300mm 8.0 stacking the 1.4X III. The advantages are that the combination will AF, and minimal additional investment.

D) To buy a Sony A7R II and the 200-600mm 5.6-6.3 G OSS and maybe one of Sony 1.4X/2X extenders. With the lens only, can get to 900mm 6.3 on APS-C 18MP mode, and on top of that to 1800mm f/13 with the 2X extender. The positives being excellent sharpness, probably better than the 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II, with the A7R II can watch directly the sun trough the finder, the possibility to handhold and react quickly, better high ISO performance than the 5Ds, and the possibility to use other Sony lenses. The cons is that it requires a huge investment.

E) To get high resolution Nikon DSLR, like the D800 and a 800mm 5.6 AI-S, which can get me to 1200mm 5.6 on 15MP APS-C mode. The advantage is phenomenal sharpness and very fast aperture. The disadvantages being its manual focus, tripod only setup that require preparation, to carry around and take a picture, plus a substantial cost.

F) To get a Tamron 150-600mm 5.6-6.3 G2 for the 5Ds. Which can bring me to 900mm 6.3 on APS-C, and maybe use the Canon 1.4X III extender from there, which if possible, will probably lose AF at 1260mm f/9. The disadvantage being to invest in a lens of very specific use.

G) To wait and see how (in)expensive is the RF 800mm 11 DO and use it with the EOS R, which being it to 1280mm 11 on the 12MP APS-C mode. Here the investment is substantial too and f/11 doesn’t sound great.

Are there other alternatives? What would you recommend?

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