A7rIII Multishot with adapted Canon lens trouble

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Re: A7rIII Multishot with adapted Canon lens trouble

I did a lot of reading and YouTube watching before buying an adapter for my a7R III.

Seemed the "only" adapter that would be compatible is the Metabones V.  Yea, it's not cheap, but my a7R III has an old Canon 35-350L lens installed.  I do a lot of high speed car and motorcycle racing picture taking.  I've not had any lo-high speed picture taking problems.

I did have a problem with the focus with the subject 1/4 mile away.   I figure that I was asking the camera to do a lot, in a 1/4 mile away with a lot of background colors..!  I figured that out.  By setting the adapter to the red LED is on (not the blue), all is well for the most part.  It still doesn't know what to focus on once in a while, but again, I know that I'm asking a lot of the camera.  No (very few) focus problems, no high speed multiple shot problems at a time at all.


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