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Re: 50's

Ivan983 wrote:

Great buy and jpegs 👍🏼

With m43, probably you and all other mentioned, but if not, you get a view like 100mm equiv. FF. All these lenses are FF. Your sensor will discard 75% of the images they render and retain the 25% central part. Because you have 25% of the light, and a quite dense sensor, you want something fast and very very sharp in the center. You don’t care much about corner performance at all here. A Helios 44M-6 is a general good idea: wide open very sharp in the center, fast enough to equate with an 110mm f4, high contrast, great colors and not expensive.

MD 1.7 is also great. The (Yashica) ML 1.7 won’t be bad either in the center. 50mm is best as you say as 35 would likely have to be 2.8 and may be a little slow as the main lens although the FOV will be much more adequate for M43, roughly compared to views posted here as 70mm.

The comparison to FF is not because FF is any standard but the most widely available for cheap lenses. The only important thing is for you to know you’ll get telephoto distance in your camera. Many other suggestions here will be great, as we use  many of these lenses so much and tend to compare and nitpick all the time

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