Carrying the Olympus 300mm PRO?

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Hi All,

Long time lurker, first post...

I'm thinking of purchasing an Olympus 300mm Pro lens, but for me its weight is a concern. I read the tripod mount can be removed, which will save me as much as 200 grams. However, I wonder if there still is a way to attach a sling strap or similar to the lens once the tripod mount is removed? Did anybody find a solution for carrying this lens+camera combo by the lens without the tripod mount? I really wouldn't want to carry it by the camera body with a neck strap, doesn't seem very comfortable and I'm afraid the weight of the 300mm Pro will put too much strain on the lens mount.
Thanks alot for your suggestions!

Replace the camera’s neck strap with a hand strap strap like the Olympus GS-5

Get a holster bag like the LowePro Toploader 75.

With this setup you can safely and comfortably carry the camera with the lens mounted ready to shoot without strain on the camera mount or worry that the camera will bump into things while dangling from your neck.

With one click of the top buckle you can quickly pull the camera out of the holster to shoot, and slip it back in when you are done.

The GS-5 will give you a secure grip on the camera with minimal finger pressure, relieving hand strain. I felt that I had a lot more freedom and comfort once I removed the neck straps from my cameras.


+1 to above. That is exactly what I do.

I dislike neck straps or sling straps ( eventhough I have a Black Rapid one which I no longer use).

I have the hand strap and a Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 AWII holster bag which accommodates the E-M1MkII + 300mm F4 + MC-14 (or MC-20) all attached.

I have the other TC which is not attached in its pouch tucked away in lid pocket of the bag.

Works for me.


I knew you used the Toploader 75 but not that you are using a grip strip.

Dennis I’m curious as to which grip strap you have. I’ve been using the early model GS-3 on all of my 5 gripped cameras for years and the ‘plastic’ coating started deteriorating (age, sun, heat and a lot of use I suppose). The surface was cracked, crumbling and shedding bits of black stuff. I just rubbed and scraped it all off down to the fabric and the straps are working as well as ever.

We found  a Hong Kong seller who had clearance stock at about $10 each and we bought 8 of them so I still have 3 in their original Olympus boxes . The best value gear purchase we’ve ever made.


Hi Peter, I have had the same old GS-5 strap since I purchased the E-M1 back in 2013 for about $50 so it has served me well.

I think I had the old GS-3 model on  my E-30 & E-5 but it had deteriorated so I got a newer model for the E-M1.

At $10 a pop I would have bought at least a couple.:-)


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