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Re: they say that Sony Alpha owners are the most loyal of all .....

My personal opinion is this:

I am not loyal to any brand.  I start with the result I need and it leads me where it leads me.

I will say when I was a film shooter I did shoot Nikon over the major others.  Canon, Minolta,

I started with digital and my first was from memory

Nikon CP 4500  about the year 2001

Canon S50

Canon G7

Canon G12

I think LX-5 or 7 I forget  from Panasonic

Nikon D90  various lenses and stuff

Micro 4/3's Panasonic

Fuji X20 p&s

Fuji XE1, XT-1, X100 S (all at various times)

Sony A6500  Not my favorite glad to sell it The camera the LCD you cant see in daylight and the battery was not good (life) sold it in less then 4 months I think

Fuji XH-1 for maybe 3 months first camera I had that had lock up issues and soured me a bit to Fuji, I could not harp on this and had to go to a DSLR solution as I was doing lots of events/ corporate, non profit etc... SO Nikon

Nikon D750, D850, Fuji X100 F.   The Fuji here was my side kick , but sold that just not good in lower light.  Like a camera to take to family events.

Sony A7 iii still have going on 2 years.  It was a rough start

Leica Q2 just got

I have Olympus TG series for waterproof needs, great camera in this class. TG-5 I think it is,

This is why I have way too many camera bags tooo....

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