Nikon 120-300MM F/2.8 Zoom Lens

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Re: Nikon 120-300MM F/2.8 Zoom Lens

patricksmith32 wrote:

Well obviously you have not read the horror stories about third party grips. They have destroyed, fried and or ruined many a camera. I’m not saying it’s common, but that it does happen.

That's an urban legend. Might have happened years ago, might not have. The grip is basically a battery holder and little more.  What Meike sells for around $100 is not far off what Nikon sells for $700 (D850 grip)

I have OEM, I have 3rd party. I switch from body to body and never notice the difference. But I'm not OCD either.  That figures into the equation more often than not.

The reason I would never buy one, is because I had one and it caused problems with the camera. I originally thought my camera was shorting out, it would just turn off or go dead. Eventually I tried removing the grip and problem solved. The main reasons though to buy a Nikon over third party is weather sealing and proper electrical communication. I know Nikon charges a lot for vertical grips, but think how much money you save over a D5 type camera with a built in grip. Plus they are magnesium alloy and built extremely well, some even add features or buttons to the camera, such as an extra function button. If your buying a $3300 D850 it’s not a stretch to add a $400 grip. Some third party grips do not fit as well as the Nikon either and that along with no weather sealing can lead water in between the grip and bottom of the camera, where the electrical port is. Any and I mean any little drop of water that gets into that will fry the camera and grip. That’s why you need to be extremely careful to always replace the little rubber piece on the camera base when you remove the grip. As far as third party batteries and chargers I’m sure they are fine, I still wouldn’t recommend them or buy them, but they seem fine...easier to copy. However inspect a Wasabi charger next to a Nikon charger and you’ll see the difference in build quality right away, which means the electrical is probably different too. I have always shot pro bodies so adding a grip is less of an expense to me, as I already have the charger, but for some $1000 is a lot of money. So I get that some people buy third party, but I just never will again. For those who do and have good luck, power to you! I’m happy that your happy!

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