Micro Nikkor 55 mm suitable for landscape?

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Re: Micro Nikkor 55 mm suitable for landscape?

Expanding my answer a bit:

ALL lenses, no matter what the brand, are compromises. The "perfect" lens doesn't exist - it can't. So every lens designer ends up horse trading for things he values by giving up things he doesn't feel are as important. The magnitude of this "giving up" or "getting" is of course variable - could be a moderate difference, or a minor difference, or somewhere in between. The more expensive a lens is, often the less the magnitude of these differences.

In general, lenses perform differently at distance than in close range.

So my theory would be that instead of worrying too much about "the best tested lens", think about your own personal scenarios you'd use the lens in, and then find the lens, that as a tool, best matches those scenarios. So if you tell me you're shooting landscapes, then to me any use of macro lens for that purpose immediately falls into being questioned if it's the best tool/match for the job, and in most cases, it isn't. Doesn't mean it can't be used, but that's it's not the best match.

People tend to argue lenses in a vacuum, without thinking about tool to task matching.


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