A rare bird and other things!

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A rare bird and other things!

It was last Thursday that I was looking in the mirror and wondering if I should attempt to start my own barber shop treatment as my hair by now looked liked it did in the sixties sadly there is no hope for the face.I decided to wait for the proper barbers to reopen and spare everybody the rough look that would adorn my head after my handy work with a pair of scissors.After breakfast I winced a little as my brain forgot to take into account the osteoarthritis that was diagnosed a few years ago which is now hampered even more with a dodgy right knee that was due to be looked at before this virus came to make our lives even more miserable as the appointment was cancelled.The weather outside was as miserable as I felt so at times like this a meander through my record collection can still do the trick and when my fingers reached the Stevie Ray Vaughan section and the stylus found it`s way into the grooves sanity was restored.When I look through my collection I am reminded of my age more and more as yet another artist has passed on.Bowie,Ian Dury,Hendrix,Lowell George,Stevie Ray,Lennon,best stop there as the list gets longer every time I look.I do have a c d player but it is what the microwave oven is to cooking for me ,convenient!

All of a sudden I get a message from Andy the birder,Stu a Red Necked Phalarope dropped into a lake near Leicester last night and it`s still present this morning!Now try to stay calm as this bird has eluded me with good sightings all of my life,every time I have been fortunate to see one it has been a scope job,very distant but grateful to see it.So I grab my `bins`and V3,70-300 cx without thinking about how dull the weather is.When I arrived the first birder that I saw told me the usual "it was just here 5 minutes ago,great views then it flew down to the south end of the lake,think it`s still there".As I set off the knee problem flared up but the thought of missing that bird made what pain there was bearable.After about 15 minutes a group of birders were gathered `bins`pointing in the same direction my heart went into overdrive.I arrived to see some familiar faces who helped me locate the bird.Wow it had obviously been forced down because of the bad weather and seemed intent on feeding up before it continued on it`s way.The wind was gusting up to 40 mph making a steady shot really difficult but my luck continued as the 35 gram beauty came towards the bank feeding on hapless flies that were in reach.

Caught in the act of fly tipping! V3,70-300 cx.

Every small morsel gratefully received. V3,70-300 cx.

All those years of waiting were well worth it,what a bird,in stunning summer breeding plumage as well.  V3,70-300 cx.

It was time to draw myself away and hope that It would still be there tomorrow as the weather forecast showed little sign of improvement.I can`t recall what was going on in my head but when my legs started to stiffen up I realised that I had walked a long way by where I`d parked the car!I can laugh now but at the time.....

When I returned home feeling tired but elated the sight of a border collie that wanted to go out was just about doable.

And where have you been? V3,70-300 cx.

On the way back across the last field at a much more sedate pace I might add I saw something in the far corner in the fading light,was I seeing things,it looks like a Roe Deer Buck but they are as rare as hens teeth in this county.Luckily my trusty camera was still with me and the gloomy but great for me moment was recorded,what a day.

Now we have all heard how the power of nature can help with our mental health and state of mind.....well it sure does.

Roe Deer.The V3,70-300 cx did well considering the light or lack of it!

Well folks after that day I was as happy as Cher`s plastic surgeon before a world tour,cheers.

Nikon 1 V3
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