Help me choose a lens for baby photos?

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Re: Congrats Granddad!

Doug MacMillan wrote:

I concur with the recommendations you've gotten.

I normally prefer to buy OEM lenses, but for the price of the Fuji 35mm f1.4, you could buy the Viltrox 33mm plus their 23mm.

This will be a fun and exciting time. I hope your grandchild will be close enough so you can photograph often.

Here's a photo of our oldest grandson, who is 20. He's become an avid photographer and I gave him an X-E2 plus some lenses to replace his (used to be mine) aging Canon Rebel. He's become a big Fuji convert!

Grandson Will out street shooting with Fuji X-E2

Thanks for the congrats. Its going to be exciting. Made slightly more difficult with this pesky virus.

She will be about 2 & 1/2 hours drive so not too bad but not close enough to nip in.

Still a good excuse for a new lens!!

Must be great having someone to teach photography to, or maybe he's teaching you now??

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