Sony 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 is sharper than ZA 16-70 f/4

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Re: Sony 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 is sharper than ZA 16-70 f/4

BrentSchumer wrote:

cxsparc wrote:

The issue with the 1670 was that it had a very high rate of QC issues like decentering, a lower sharpness outside of the center than the kit lens and a price not matching its image quality. Bokeh was nice, colors are as with 18105 G lens.

I tested the lens repeatedly and then was quite happy to use the 18105 instead. Now I have the 1655 and can only say, this lens delivers image quality far above all other Sony zooms.

Its only drawbacks are weight and lack of more tele. But since IQ at 55mm is so good cropping can take you a long way.

I see you have the 16-55mm and 10-18mm. Out of curiosity, how does the quality of these two lenses compare?

The two lenses are totally different.

The 1018 is an ultra-low weight (200g) ultra-wide zoom lens with OSS. It should be used at f5.6 to f8 depending on focal length but you usually can shift shutter speed down very low (1/10 sec) so still be able to use low ISO. I frequently use it at 10 mm for architecture and landscape. IQ is good but not excellent, colors are great especially sky.

The 1655 is a Non-OSS standard zoom lens with noticeable weight. The 1655 is a high quality lens not only in image quality (sharpness, contrast, colors in the prime lens league) but also in the construction. Whereas the 1670 felt like a plastic 1855 kit lens sprayed matted black, the 1655 feels like a solid and reliable chunk of high quality glass and metal. It mounts with some resistance due to the weather sealing ring.

I used to do almost all shots with the 18105 but after trying it for some tele shots this week again, switched back to 1655 since the sharpness of the G lens is not on the same level as the 1655.

As it is, my kit consists at the moment of

1. 1655 almost always

2. Sigma 56 1.4 for peoples portraits, sometimes landscape stitching

3. 18105 for some tele shots with subject separation, dusty environments. But limited range in tele ...

4. 1018 for specialized application

5. SEL55210 probably going to sell it due to aperture and only acceptable sharpness.

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