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Re: M42 adapter for Mamiya SX and Fujinon M42 EBC

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Travis Butler wrote:

verybiglebowski wrote:

There was adapter M42 for SX and EBC lenses, brand was Bokkeh and I bought one few years ago.

I can’t find these any more, but maybe something similar exists somewhere.

When SX lens is mounted the ridge fall into groove and plate inside press the pin. Works perfectly and is well made.

Very nice! Wish they were still available.

There was a discussion here several months ago about modifying adapters. My thought was to take one of the 'plate' M42-Minolta SR adapters and shrink the diameter by filing down the edge; that seemed like it would be easier than removing the central screwmount socket and filing down the surrounding surface. Unfortunately haven't found the time/tools to give this a serious try yet.

Seems like a relatively easy job to re-purpose a cheap standard issue M42 adapter using a small metal lathe. A lot less nerve racking and a whole lot less work than trying to use a metal lathe to modify a lens body.

It seems that dremels and files are much more common than lathes in our workshops. A lathe is very accurate. Perhaps a friend with a lathe ....

Oh, I certainly wasn't wanting to modify the lens body!

What I was thinking is that instead of modifying a standard M42-M4/3 adapter - which would involve removing the plate with the 42mm screw socket, then filling down the entire body at the rim to provide clearance - you would take an M42-Minolta adapter, which is essentially just a plate with the M42 socket on one side and a Minolta SR bayonet on the other side, and file down the edge to reduce the plate's diameter.

Sadly, I don't have a lathe, or know anyone with a lathe within a 3-hour drive. ^^;; My father does have a woodworking lathe, and we might be able to put one of the plates in it; but he's three hours away, and with COVID travel has been rather curtailed. I am going up there for father's day this weekend, though, so maybe there'll be time to work on it.

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