Ultra-light and easy to use

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Ultra-light and easy to use

I'll skip the emotional nonsense and just do a Pro/Con to cut to the chase...all my opinion, with lots of experience with Nikon:


  • Ultra light and small, with lens attached it still easily fits in my wife's purse
  • Super easy to understand and use, turn it on and go!
  • Can be charged via USB, even from one of those portable USB power bricks
  • Wifi/BTLE works pretty good through your cellphone...makes posting online quick
  • Color accuracy/hue/temp/consistency is pretty good, set it to Auto and forget it
  • Auto focus is really smart, does a great job finding and keeping faces in focus
  • Flip under screen for selfies is embarrassingly useful, you can perfectly frame a shot and everyone in the photo see's how they look at the same time - perfect!
  • Uses SD Cards!
  • 16-55 is the perfect walk around handy lens, weightless and small!
  • Touchscreen interface is super handy and fun to use, like a cellphone screen
  • Minimalist buttonry is very nice, just the buttons you actually need for fun
  • For being so small, the handgrip feels pretty good in your hand (two fingers tall)
  • Lots of Fn buttons that can be programmed to do other things
  • All the same settings/menus that you have seen in more expensive Nikons


  • Having a backup battery is A MUST, the battery lasts about 200 shots without flash. Leave the Wifi on accidentally or use a lot of flash and the thing is dead in 100 clicks!
  • Low light ISO is not very good at all, similar to D3000. You will be surprised learning what "low light" actually means...like soft afternoon light, not even a dark concert. This thing couldn't take a photo in a dark room to save its life.
  • Having to turn the lens from lock to 16mm before it will let you take a photo is a pain in the butt when you're trying to get an impromptu photo quickly. You'll develop a muscle memory for it in time, but I really hate how Nikon is embracing this new "turn to open" lens user interface...if you're the person who religiously puts a lens cap, this is now a second thing to have to do before you can take a photo.

Overall, my final vote is 3.5 stars, heavily deducted by the embarrassing battery life.

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