What did you shoot or post-process? (June 13 - June 19)

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Re: Older difficult Pics while trying C1-20

Cool.  Interesting.  I have also downloaded C1-20 "for Nikon" -- and it seems to be pretty good.  The workflow is easy/efficient.  I have also been using ACR (lite) embedded in PSE14 fo about 10 years (along with dabblig in RT and Affinity Photo).  I will say that ACR-lite has much better shadow enhancement than C1 -- with ACR having an emphasis on lifting the "shadow" areas ONLY -- whereas C1 tends to brighten the entire image.  Also, ACR has "haze removal" (C1 does not).  The ACR "haze removal" is almost better than using a polarizer.  It is all very interesting... similar to other software programs for business -- unfortunately there doesn't seem to be "the one" application that provides everything you want... and each program has it "warts" to deal wih.  Plus, RAW settings/tweaks made with one editor cannot be ported (as far as I know) to a "competitor" program since there is no mechanism (translator) for "converintg" the file/profile settings.  Everything is proprietary.  There have even been times where I've done the RAW processing in one tool, exported/save a JPEG, and then opened the JPEG in another editor -- and the colors are all messed-up.  On a JPEG.  Weird.  Fun!

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