Need pro tips on improving motorsport panning

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Re: Need pro tips on improving motorsport panning

Nebell wrote:

MindInRewind wrote:

Heres my advice, lose the vignette!

Other than that, they look good to me. A few may be a little under exposed but nothing wrong with other than the vignette.


I hear you, but why ditch vignette? Isn't vignette more of a taste than "good/bad" way to edit photos?

Sure its a matter of taste. It's also a matter of laying something on too thick. Its just a tad over done and makes it look like you're trying to make a cr4ppy photo look like a good photo - when they are good photos to begin with.

I'm using it for the same reason I use linear gradient to darken the concrete on parked cars - to put focus on the car.

As the car is currently the only thing in the scene, they don't need to have focus put on them.  The photo does that for you.

There's absolutely nothing else interesting in the picture but the car.

So why add something that wasn't there naturally?  Bring up the exposure a tad, pop the colours a wee bit and lay off the vignette a little; that will make the images more interesting.


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