X100v as a complement of my xt30?

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Re: X100v as a complement of my xt30?

By the way, if you're going to mount the 56mm 1.2 on the X-T30, I'd get a handgrip for the camera, if you don't already have one.

That's exactly what i've already done

But then you'll forgo all the fun/productivity you could have between now and the X-E4 release date. There's always something bigger and better just over the horizon. Personally, I'd get what I want or need now, and re-evaluate when the X-E4 is released. You can always sell your X-T30 when that happens, or even (the horror!) your X100V

By the way, would you invest in the 35mm 1.4 today, knowing that fujifilm could soon release a mk2 version (hello dear speculations!!)?

I would, yes, for the same reasons I wrote above. But obviously we all have our own feelings and approaches to these things. That said, if you're shooting rapid, unpredictable movement, you might want to consider getting the 35mm f2 rather than then 1.4. The autofocusing performance of the former might be a little better, even if it lacks the 1.4's faster aperture and legendary pixie dust. Be sure to leave "High performance" mode enabled on your X-T30 as well.

Anyway, best of luck with your purchases.


Thank you for your advice, you're right about the "always better" gears...I've considered a lot to buy the 35mm f2 but i'm a huge fan of the 35mm 1.4 rendering (great ratio bokeh/center sharpness when wide opened). And sure I'm already using the high performance setting on my xt 30

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