Xitek interview with Nikon Z designers

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Re: Xitek interview with Nikon Z designers

Good find in that brochure!

Mike, I'm sure you're not saying this, and I don't want people to get the wrong idea, because there are some people who think it's easy to crank out a new optical design because they think a computer can randomly find its way to one. But I think the point you're making is that designers can explore a much wider variety of designs and variations today than ever before, and so they can find a design they may not have been able to find or even compute in the past. And they don't need to rely just on templates that may be passed down from an old master.

There's still plenty of sweat, thought, and creativity that goes into making a new lens especially ones like these which are trying to have as few optical compromises as possible. And then the lens has to be manufacturable with a reasonable level of consistency.

For example, it was striking to me that they tried and apparently succeeded in making front and rear bokeh similar on the Noct. Usually they're complementary and different, leading some people to use different lenses depending on whether they're composing with a prominent foreground or background.

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