Is there a way to highlight in-focus areas out of camera?

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Re: Great answer. FastRawViewer discount ends on 15th.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Thanks for the FastRawViewer heads up.

I learn something every day.

Or at least I learn to RTFM, I must never have read as far as page 107.... Simply cycle through the looks via pressing the "P" key, what could be easier?

Long time user of that program but mostly looking for saturated channels etc via the companion RawDigger.

I have the cheapest Exposure edition and be warned, the 25% discount finishes on the 15th June, it's already that today here in Oz. and look for FastRawViewer Plus Exposure edition of RawDigger for a very useful pair of programs.

If only wanting FastRawViewer alone then the same 25% discount finishes on the 15th June.

Thanks for the heads-up Guy. For my part I already have both applications. I don't use them much but when I do need them I find them really useful, RawDigger mainly.

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