90D noise at ISO 320 a bit too much

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Re: 90D noise at ISO 320 a bit too much

clicker88 wrote:

Howdy everyone.

I just got my 90D a few days ago and gave it a test today. Do you think the noise is a bit too much at ISO 320? YES 320, not 3200 The lens is Canon 100-400 Mk ii.

My old 70D+ same lens can do much better than that.

The image(original; no PP) was a bit underexposed. But even my well exposed 90D images(below ISO 400) introduce some sort of noise too.

AI servo is not very accurate either. I disable iTR.

90D sample image noise ISO 320 F8 1/1600 176mm


Looks similar to my M6 II with sharpening - (same sensor).

On a pixel-level yes some noise can show - it comes from having the same density as micro-four-thirds cameras.... (which the 4/3 fan boys and girls inc at Olympus of course says double one's focal length not 1.6X, so yes the same noise challenge at a pixel level)

Suggest if shooting raw in lightroom with say sharpening at 25-30, decreasing the radius slightly to ~ 0.7/0.8 and applying maybe 10-20 on the masking in the sharpening section - and then luminance noise reduction of up to 20.

Or as others suggested Topaz denoise works well; I usually for photos I want to pixel peep at, turn all sharpening and noise reduction off, use topaz de-noise (low settings) and then do selective edge sharpening with a suitable plugin in photoshop which then gives great results below ISO 800.

It's a great sensor with amazing detail and "reach" there with the current 4/3 system, but does need more care in getting the absolute best out of it compared to a 5D IV or 1DX - or even a lowly 7D. Benefit of course is extra reach when it works - and a print viewed or down-rezzed to 20 MP, the 90D should always beat the 70D at same resolution.

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