90D noise at ISO 320 a bit too much

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Re: Thanks. will test some more

MuzzaAus wrote:

Thanks Jack,

For jpgs straight from the camera, the 90D starts to show some noise at ISO 800. I also use Lightroom 5.9. The noise reduction in Lightroom + using the "detail" setting at 96% is reasonable to ISO 800.-Noise cleans up reasonably well .When I tried Topaz Denoise AI, the difference is like night and day. Topaz AI cleans background noise beautifully and leaves subject detail alone up to ISO 3200. Once you have used the Topaz Denoise AI program you will not want to use Lightroom for noise reduction again.

I tried the Topaz Denoise as you suggested last night. It was kind of slow on my old i5-4670k 8GB RAM system. Overclocking CPU may help a little. Guess i need a new PC for that too:-D

you're right about the result is night and day. Just don't over do it or it may look unnatural. Performance should be better if we do it with the cropped image. Thank you for this too.

BTW, older versions of LR won't support 90D's CR3 Raw files. You need LR v9.2 for that.

I use the Topaz program as a plugin in my Lightroom program ;

1. Import my jpg image to Lightroom

2. crop to size

Plugin is a great idea than playing with standalone. will try it later.

3. Use Topaz to completely remove noise and sharpen image( go to the "Edit in" setting to find your plugin) Topaz recommends removing noise early in the process.

I read about that too. I thought we should do the noise part at last. Once we move the sliding bar of shadows, highlight..etc, we also introduce noise. Then we decide how much noise should be removed.

4. continue in Lightroom with : contrast, clarity, saturation, reduce highlights, raise shadows until I am finished editing, no sharpening in Lightroom ; export image.

great tutorial. Thank you mate

You can do the same with Raw images by processing the raw image in DPP first ,then following this process in Lightroom. My images are cleaner than anything I could do in Lightroom alone.


It took me a while to figure out what DPP is. I forgot it's a freebie from Canon(still free?) Geez.. we need DPP, Topaz, and LR.. lots of stuff for one image:-D


You rock

That's one hell of very show off bee you captured. Well done. i usually did the bee with macro lens. Crouching there for a while. once they think you're not a threat, they just mind their business and we can do the clicking:-)

local bee. 70D+ Sigma 105mm macro

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