How to pick a WA lens?

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Re: How to pick a WA lens?

dog house riley wrote:

Hi shooters, are you getting over staying in house? all from the covid-19.

Okay: I'm shooting more simple landscapes, or what ever you might want call them. My widest lens is 24-120 f4, I've searched Nikon 18 35 3.5 4.5 [2nd version] I had first back around 2000, for film, didn't care for it on digital. Also look at or have been looking at Nikon 16 35 f4?

If i could get some opinions, no I won't be going to the G, canyon,[been there] in film, just have no desire to travel great distance any more.

I live in "fly over Indiana" southwest to be more precise. So I'll be concentrating just local easy and simple landscapes.

I posted a photo from yesterday, of Wabash river, I was only about 50 to 100 yards from my car, I no longer make long walks and carry heavy gear. This photo, was 4 stop ND and tripod 2 sec delay, still learning how my new D750 works.

Opinions would be helpful.

Just a simple sample of what I'm trying to do.

With your mixture of equipment, not sure whether your target is FX or DX lens.

Second question is what lens range do you consider wide angle.

In FX I would consider anything longer than 18mm at the wide end to be not really wide angle.  In DX anything longer than 12mm not to be really wide angle.

Personally, in FX my standard WA is my Sigma 12-24mm.  In DX my standard is Sigma 8-16mm.  Nether of these will likely work on newest bodies (camera firmware issues) or older bodies with recent firmware upgrades.  I also own the Nikon 14-24/2.8, but it is a massive lens and not for people who don't want heavy lenses.  When the situation needs WA, I don't think 18mm is wide enough.

After reviewing lens recommendations in this forum, I recently added a used (I only buy used equipment these days for a variety of reasons) Sigma 17-35 2.8-4.0.  Haven't really done serious testing, but it appears well made and has decent IQ.

Sometimes one simply cannot back up without allowing unwanted foreground things in the way or  a wall or a body of water is behind shooter.  Hence, my super wide lenses.

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