Favorite Denoising Software ?

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Re: Favorite Denoising Software ?

I have spent a good deal of time pondering the question of which NR software works best, and my opinion has changed as various products have been improved. In a previous thread on this subject, I opined that Neat Image was superior to Topaz Denoise-AI, because even though Topaz produced "cleaner" results, it also tended to produce ugly, blotchy color artifacts in files with very high noise levels. Since that time, Topaz has updated their product with a new feature--Low Light Mode--which seems to have eliminated the blotchy artifacts. To me, this is a game changer, and I now rank TDN-AI ahead of Neat Image.  Both programs are superior to DxO PRIME, IMO.

One inexplicable flaw of TDN-AI is that the Color Noise slider consistently desaturates the entire image.  I never use it, though I do remove color noise in my raw converter. I'm not even sure that that step is necessary with the new Low Light Mode.

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