Does anyone have super-soft extreme corners on their 16-35GM?

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Re: Does anyone have super-soft extreme corners on their 16-35GM?

Some points:

1. All posted 'test shots' will inevitably get the response, "you did the test wrong". In this case, its not clear that the camera was precisely perpendicular to the wall. The right side looks further away than the left.

2. That said, I do not really doubt your results. The top right looks a bit weak.

3. No lens is 'tack sharp wide open from corner to corner'. For lenses longer than around 100mm sharpness can be reasonably even across the frame, but definitely not for WA lenses. Yes, there is no shortage of people who will happily claim that their lens is an amazing copy which is 'tack sharp wide open from corner to corner'. They are either willfully deluding themselves or lying or have an idiosyncratic definition of 'tack sharp'.

4. The 16-35 GM is not tack sharp in the corners. From testing sites, corner sharpness will be around two thirds of centre sharpness. See here for a summary of many tests. The 16-35 GM is about as good as you can get at the wide end.

5. LensRentals also finds that sharpness is much lower at the corners. They conclude, however, that the 16-35 GM is an excellent lens, which performs best at the wide end (like most 16-35mm lenses).

6. You should do a proper test for decentering. Follow the instructions here .

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