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Re: D500 autofocus problems

richard stern wrote:

I'm having a problem and I don't know if it's me or the camera. I us back-button focus, and most of the time a 300F4-PF-VR lens with a 1.4TC. I want to try 3D tracking for BIF to see if it's any better than group, which doesn't seem to work well. I have menu setting A9 set to limit autofocus settings to single point and 3D tracking only. But when I try and use setting F1 to assign the AF-on button to single point and the joystick to 3D, 3D is not listed as an option, only single point. I can list all the other options by ticking the boxes in A9. So how do I program the joystick to get 3D? (All other settings work fine, and the problem is with all lenses, and they work fine on a D5600, so I'm thinking it's some setting in the camera).).

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Very good question ..... I wanted to know how too! ........ the joystick center button can only be programmed to "auto area" as a focus mode ....... I have it programmed to "select center focus point" ........ you will have to configure "3D" mode to the PV button.

......... So press and hold the AF A/M switch center button near the lens mount ....... use the front or rear dial (depending on how they're configured... SS or aperture) until "3D" lights up in OVF ....... that gives the 3D mode ....... that should now function using PV .......

...... configure the remaining buttons to taste!

......... now it's a long time since I set up the D500 and I did want 3D at the time, but now I use auto area mode instead ....... essentially you can interchange 3D for auto area mode by doing the above.

now I have "single AF point" on the back button focus button ....... "group" on the FN1 button ......... and "auto area" on the PV button ..... and "recenter AF" point on the center joystick button.

You can choose how you configure the buttons except for 3D which as you say is not a choice in the config menu ...... so it has to chosen with the AF A/M switch button and one of the front/rear dials ....... until "3D" appears in the OVF.

It is confusing I know but a quick play should get you there........ good luck!!

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