90D noise at ISO 320 a bit too much

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Re: 90D noise at ISO 320 a bit too much

clicker88 wrote:

Howdy everyone.

I just got my 90D a few days ago and gave it a test today. Do you think the noise is a bit too much at ISO 320? YES 320, not 3200 The lens is Canon 100-400 Mk ii.

My old 70D+ same lens can do much better than that.

The image(original; no PP) was a bit underexposed.

Then, the actual ISO exposure index is higher than what the camera said.

But even my well exposed 90D images(below ISO 400) introduce some sort of noise too.

The smaller the pixels, the more noise you're going to see at 100% pixel view on a given monitor.  This is complicated by the fact that people operating converter parameters and converters themselves assume that people want to see sharp 100% pixel views, so they sharpen for those views, even when it serves no useful purpose.

This has nothing to do with the 90D; it is a property of light.  Light is not a smooth liquid, as captured in a sensor.  It is a bunch of virtual marbles captured in containers, and they do not fall evenly in a cluster of neighbor pixels.  The only thing any sensor could do to improve on this such that the pixel-level noise of ISO 320 for pixels that size is like it is at ISO 100 currently is to revolutionize the technology of color filtration, such that all light gets recorded.  Current color filters lose about 85% of all light, and that's roughly true for all sensor and pixel sizes.

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