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Re: 2 color challenge Q

MrScorpio wrote:


When I look into the challenge 2 colors, there are many pictures with a lot more than 2 colors in them, left without disciplinary actions.

Am I too picky? Or what does this forum think?

I agree with cjf2, that most of the entries do seem to be an attempt at limiting the number of colors in the image. One of the host's sample images is predominantly purple and yellow, but also has a bit of green and some areas that appear black rather than just dark purple. If I were to strictly interpret the theme statement, "I want to see images that have ONLY 2 colors in them," I would have to disqualify, or at least severely downvote, one of the host's own samples.

I also don't know this host's common practice. For example, perhaps he waits until the submission period is over, and only then goes through the entries to see what needs to be disqualified (and there are one or two that might deserve to be). Or maybe he prefers to leave marginal images in the challenge and let voters apply their interpretation of the theme as per the voting guidelines:

  • Rate each image according to your own interpretation of:
    • how aesthetically pleasing is the image? AND
    • how well does the image meet (your interpretation of) the challenge's criteria (name, description & rules)
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