New E-M1X just arrived but is it brand new?

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Re: New E-M1X just arrived but is it brand new?

Peter 1745 wrote:

twitterdonald wrote:

Hi, yesterday I finally received a new E-M1X, wow..

I was a bit surprised that the flipscreen had no display protection, the shutter count was at 280 (seems normal). The battery pack was completely empty.

Maybe I got a product from another customer who sent it back?


My new E-M1iii didn't come with display protection. Perhaps it is no longer used as part of a drive to reduce the amount of single use plastic.

Like with the EM5 III body? 

Shutter counts of about 300 are normal for new Olympus cameras. They occur as part of the quality control process.

Shipping products containing lithium batteries is subject to lots of regulations. It is normal for them to be shipped in a discharged state. I would be more concerned if the battery arrived fully charged as this would indicate that a previous user had charged it. Some shops used to open the box and charge the battery prior to sending it to the customer so that they could use the camera straight away but I believe this practice is no longer common.

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