New E-M1X just arrived but is it brand new?

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Re: New E-M1X just arrived but is it brand new?

twitterdonald wrote:

Hi, yesterday I finally received a new E-M1X, wow..

I was a bit surprised that the flipscreen had no display protection, the shutter count was at 280 (seems normal). The battery pack was completely empty.

Maybe I got a product from another customer who sent it back?


From my experience I would be more worried if the battery was charged. I had an obvious return and the battery was charged up but the giveaway was it was a third party battery. The guy had switched batteries before sending it back. Unless you are saying the batteries were missing which is also a giveaway. There was also a lump of gunk on the lens barrel. This was bought over the counter in a store.

Most batteries are flat when the camera is new and waiting for them to charge up is the frustrating experience.

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