Is there a way to highlight in-focus areas out of camera?

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Re: Is there a way to highlight in-focus areas out of camera?

susan2012 wrote:

I’m using a Sony A7rx and Lightroom, trying to get better at making my photos sharp. For whatever reason, I seem to miss focus a lot. It would help if I had a tool that showed me where my focus actually was in my photos, in order to have insight on what I did wrong. I know one you usually just figure it out by eye. But it’d save me some time and trouble if I had assistance.

Cameras have focus highlighting. Is there a way to basically do the same thing in Lightroom or any other editing apps?

FastRawViewer (currently 15 UKP) does this. (See pages 107 and 108 of the user manual, which can be downloaded here.)

You can cycle around four views.

Contrasting, but not necessarily very sharp areas of the image

Small, acute, but not necessarily contrasting details

Both of the above


It works for JPEGs as well as raw files. In fact the above example is a JPEG processed from raw. The raw file shows no small, acute areas and hardly any contrasting areas. This is because I used a very small aperture which caused a lot of diffraction softening, blurring out a lot of detail. Here is what the raw file looked like with the Both option.

The out of the camera JPEG looks similar. Here it is with the Both option.

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