In Memoriam: Clarence Gass, 1941-2019

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Re: Don’t call me an expert

Tom Caldwell wrote:

But even non-experts have opinions.

I have found out by hard experience and little learned skills that getting into the lens In the first place is the hardest thing to know.


Like Sonnars usually simply screw apart - but other lenses need to be approached from the front or from the back or both. Some have the front screw off and an occasional little devil locking screw that prevents this happening until you realise this.


Maybe once there was an apprenticeship system from a master operator - maybe once lens repair manuals were available. Mostly such useful tools were (and still are) only available to factory authorised repair centres.

Yes, although maybe we are a little better today due to youtube examples, and the advance of search engines.

Without this backup we can only stumble along and develop “experience” and of course mutual help can be invaluable.

Yes totally. I've had tremendous help early on with some lenses, and mikonos youtuber, for good or bad, goes so slowly and shows some very basic tools, that was super helpful.

I even suspect that many lenses were never really intended to be repaired as these very complex devices were one way assembled on a bench by dextrous hands familiar with the process.

I think so too, and the trend is very clear starting around 1970.

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