How many of you enjoy shooting with the "older" models?

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Re: Someone opened a can of TRIOXIN 245 ------>

AdamT wrote:

eya1 wrote:

AdamT wrote:

Looks like Eya1 opened a can of TRIOXIN 245 and woke up a whole load of ZOMBIES

While we`re here , I wonder if Ben still has many / any of those cameras now

LOL, for some reason I was reading up on the GH3 and this thread came up.

One of my fave M43 cams the GH3 ----- it was totally unique in using the same Sony sensor as the EM5 Mk1 & 2 and the EM10 instead of a Panasonic one , hence why I found it had slightly cleaner skies / richer colours even in RAW than any other panasonic body prior to the 20Mp models .. In the specs, they gave the sensor a typical panasonic type naming (Live mos or whatever) but there was a thread somewhere about a teardown and it had the EM5 sensor .

That's interesting. Not the same sensor as the Em1.1's (with PDAF) tho. It's a camera I always wanted to shoot.

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