The perfect small bag for the X100V

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Ditch the bag

I don't have the V but I have the F series, your camera's predecessor. Basically the same size.

I haven't read any of the posts here so I will give you how I think about this series of camera.

This camera can of course be used in a multitude of situations but the two areas of photography this little puppy shines is street and travel photography. The first thing I would do - you're not going to like this - is get rid of that beautiful camera strap. I almost bought one, they are great looking.

When used as a street and travel camera, the appeal is its smallness while producing technically very sound images. I have owned all manners of big, medium and small bags. I have learned that no matter what bag you buy, its the wrong one eventually.

So with street photography, other than carrying the camera constantly while wearing the Peak Design Cuff strap, you keep it in your pant, shorts or jacket pocket. You want the ability to quickly access and set the little darling, the cuff strap is to protect form klutzy drops and theft. Sometimes when I shoot street stuff, I'm not in the best part of town. But speed of use and pack-ability are what make this a street legal machine. And of course to your photo friends, you get to mumble things like - this camera is just as good as Leica, keep your Leica owner friends on their toes.

Part of street photography is keeping your self low key visually and that great pack of yours announces you are a photo guy both to potential subjects and thiefs.

Its basically ditto with travel photography, some countries I have visited have had an over abundance of poverty. So again the Peak Design cuff and no bag. With travel photography its more of a run and gun shooting experience. See something you want to photograph, take the camera out of your pocket, aim and shoot.

As I said I haven't read all the comments but I suspect someone might have recommended the thumb brace, not sure what you call it but it works well. I was getting frustrated with the camera because it is easy to change settings unintentionally but the thumb rest helps prevent this.

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