Suggestion for beginners: start with D76, skip the monobath

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Re: no, it did not

Bob 1 wrote:

The short response is that it isn't the perfect development solution... but for a hobbyist like me, it beats the hassle of mixing multiple solutions, workspace, storage, setup, etc. If your enjoyment in shooting film, is complete control over the development process, then it's not for you. If I find a shot I really like, I scan and then digitally process and print with a inkjet printer... no wet printing.

I shoot mostly digital (for the past 22 years) and take one of my film cameras along as a "fun" backup. A one bottle solution works fine for me. YMMV. HAGD and Stay Safe!

OK, now we're getting there. It's a convenience thing. There has always been that choice in photography; convenience versus quality. You're all about convenience and expediency. Most people are. You're free to make that choice and I appreciate that you're being honest about it.

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