GR III: Which Ricoh optical viewfinder?

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Re: GR III: Which Ricoh optical viewfinder?

Hi David,

I just happened to be organizing all my GR gear this morning, so I took this quick photo of the GV-2, GV-1 and the Voigtlander 28.

FWIW, the GV-2 is way too small for my old eyes. It’s like looking through a peephole.

The GV-1 is much easier to compose with. There’s a fine line for 21 and a bolder line for 28. The spec sheet claims these are equivalent to 35mm.

The Voigtlander only has the 28 frame and offers better eye relief than the GV-1.

But to be honest, I rarely ever used them on my GRI and II, and haven’t even thought about them (until I read your post) since buying my GRIII over a year ago.

But, if you’re set on getting an OVF, I’d suggest your look for a mint used  Voigtlander, since I don’t think they’re made anymore.



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