Manual focusing with A7Riv - best methods?

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Re: Manual focusing with A7Riv - best methods?

I would agree with what A-Marc and others have said. I use magnification with my Voigtlander 50mm Apo- Lanthar and A7Rii. I should say I am probably the least technically sophisticated photographer on this forum but here is my process for landscape photography. I use a tripod and lately I use the lcd screen and turn off the viewfinder. You can choose different screen looks by hitting the display button, I choose the least busy. I use something to cover the screen if needed. I focus at maximum aperture, that’s important to remember. When focusing there is a focus box that appears, the great thing is that you can move the box to anywhere in the scene using one of four paddles, so you don’t have to focus dead center and you don’t have to move the camera once you have found the best composition, this feature just comes on so you don’t need to go through menus to find it. Obviously, after focusing you adjust aperture, I forget to do this and have found out how good the lens is at maximum aperture. I often do this whole process before the light is best, this gives me a moment to take the picture and then review the image under magnification. This process sounds cumbersome. But after some experience it becomes very intuitive and the most accurate process I have ever used, others please correct anything I have posted incorrectly. All the best, John

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