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Re: 2 color challenge Q

A quick viewing suggests to me that most entries are composed substantially of two main colours but quite a few have also got black, white or both in addition. A few have a small amount of a non black or white colour. It could be that many entrants are not considering white and black to be colours and that might be so but others have used white or black as one of their two colours. I was going to put in a picture with red and blue and a small amount of white but thought it might be legitimately voted down.

The power to solve this is in your grasp. You can vote according to your interpretation and award many 0.5 star votes for the ones you consider do not meet the rules and/or use the complain button on each entry you think does not meet the rules.

There have been many other challenges in the past with more obviously rule breaking entries.

A recent one was this classic where someone had entered a picture of a goose in a challenge intended just for pictures of a specific make and model of aircraft.


Not only was it not disqualified but it attracted one 5 star and two four star votes which suggests that three voters were as bonkers as the entrant!

Finally it could be that the entrant was being humorous. As a joke I did once enter a picture of a replica of Stephenson's 'Rocket" steam engine in a challenge for rockets. The host and voters were quite kind to me and I was not disqualified and did not come last!

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