Olympus Continuous Tracking Autofocus

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Re: Olympus Continuous Tracking Autofocus

Humansvillian wrote:

Felice62 wrote:

FOr my personal taste tracking AF on any Olympus body without PDAF just isn't acceptable, You have nailed focus on an approaching low speed propeller aircraft.

Believe me if I say that's as far as I could get with Oly tracking AF on any body with no PDAF I have owned, including the M5ii

I hope YMWV


I’d never really tried it, but found that it works best used with center point autofocus set on about 1/800 shutter priority, and live view. Whether I used single, low, or high auto drive didn’t seem to matter much. Pan the camera and half press with the subject centered and the green target square gets an incredibly fast lock, then fire away until the subject is out of view. It doesn’t work 100% but at up to 10 frames a second there are lots of chances. One set I took a series of shots of a woman in a golf cart at a 90 degree angle, and it would lock on her face and then hit the center of trees that blocked her, then require tracking. It liked license plates and tail lamps on passing cars.

I doubt it’s a full blown sports camera, but this weekend my daughter is barrel racing horses at fairly slow speeds in good light, and I’ll see how it works.

Again I’m surprised at how well the old PL-1 works.

Above shot is front focused on the grass (besides having lots of DoF so there is more acceptably sharp.

Above shot is backfocused on the tree behind the car.

Takeaway: If you have lots of DoF C-AF on CDAF-cameras produces acceptable photos.

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