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k4J98 wrote:


XF 55-200mm 3.5-4.8

XF 16-55mm 2.8

XF 100-400mm

XF 80mm 2.8 macro

XF 16mm 1.4


I've owned a lot of these (at least one from each tier) and wanted to add a few notes:

Some lenses perform really poorly in low light but pretty well in good light (f1.4 primes, kit zooms). Other lenses perform pretty much the same regardless of light levels (f2.0 primes).

Also, third party (Zeiss and Viltrox 85mm - I've not tried the 33mm or 23mm yet) focus acceptably, at best. The Zeiss 32mm and 50mm are excellent optically, but do strange things when focusing. I adore the output of the 50mm, but when I try to shoot a burst sequence, focus struggles tremendously. It's doing something with the aperture, I think, that makes it lag. I'd put the Zeiss focusing in the "Medium" category, assuming point-to-point focusing is used. Continuous focusing is rough in my experience.

The Viltrox 85mm, which I just got, focuses pretty okay. When I heard that it's nearly as fast as the 90mm, I had to get a hold of one, given the price. I was moderately disappointed at the overall performance, but it's a keeper nonetheless. It focuses about as fast as the f2 primes, but hunts a *bit* more. I'd put it right in between the "Fast" and "Very Fast" categories when it finds contrast quickly. I regret selling the 90mm, but at half the price used, this 85mm fits my needs.

I would also place the Viltrox 85mm 1.8 near the "Fast" ones. Its similar to my 55-200, maybe a bit faster sometimes. Probably due to the larger aperture.

Why were you disapointed with the Viltrox 85mm? Because of the focus speed?

Maybe you expectations were a bit too high, i mean, comparing it to the fastest Fuji lens is unfair.

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