In Memoriam: Clarence Gass, 1941-2019

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Re: Vale Clarence

Yes, it's not easy. It is only easy when you have done it so many times, you can read the lens assembly logic by just looking at it, by observing, you get to see how it all likely works. But I can't think anyone will do it as a job without liking lenses. Every nut, spring, lens surface, screw, level, blade - just about anything there, can break, bend, scratch, deform, probably also turn into a fairly tale... at any moment. And that's even if everything is done with calm and skill. And there's are absolutely no spare parts of anything.

Any time I do any lens, I wonder about a surgeon's work. If I feel so strongly about doing any lens, for what I mention above, a surgeon's work may be the most complicated job in the world.

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