GR III: Which Ricoh optical viewfinder?

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Re: GR III: Which Ricoh optical viewfinder?

morepix wrote:

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

I have the original VF from the GRD1 which is like yours. And I also have a Voigtlander Mini 28 which is like the GV-2. I never use the bulky original. But I presume you know a mini version like the GV-2 is much tighter to look through?

Thanks for your response. You said a lot with, "I never use the bulky original."

I hadn't thought about the smaller size of the image, but I guess it's somewhat obvious that it would be like that. I also have a Sony RX100 VA, with that little pop-up EVF, which presents quite a small image to the eye.

Worst case: I buy a GV-2, don't like it, return it. But I'll look forward to any further comments from others before I take the plunge.

Thanks again.

Hi. I got the GV-1. That was mainly because I found a relatively good deal for a used one. At the time, I could not find a good deal for the GV-2.

To be honest, I have ended up using it very little. It is quite strange considering I spent the first few years of my journey in photography with the express 'need' of having an EVF or OVF. As you already know, the GV-1 is nice and bright etc.

I wouldn't mind trying the GV-2. Sizewise it definitely works better with the GR and it doesn't have that skewed shape towards the right (which I believe was made to allow for the GRII's flash unit. Other than triggering my OCD, I just find it makes it more difficult for my eye to see easily without my nose being an issue.

As for the GV-2, it may definitely work better with the GR but keep in mind it is tiny. Are you happy with a tiny viewfinder? is it going to actually help? I wear glasses and they definitely have not made it that easy or comfortable to use the GV-1, but in the end I have always been able to see my frame. I fear that would not be the case with the smaller unit.

In any way, after a longer test run a few days ago (with the GV-1), I have decided I do not wish to increase the bulk of my GR III by adding an OVF. On top of the size problems, I find I've been spoiled by the X100F's OVF which gives me all the info I need. I shoot fully manual on the GR III, and it's quite difficult to change my settings when using the OVF since it gives me no information whatsoever.

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