Anyone use the diopter adjust on the view finder?

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Re: Anyone use the diopter adjust on the view finder?

Jeffry7 wrote:

Hi Folks,


I am near sighted. I need my glasses when looking through the view finder, then I need to take them off if I have to look at the view screen or the buttons on the camera. (A SDQH if it matters.)

I have been thinking of using the diopter adjustment on the view finder and then I could do everything I needed to without putting on and taking off my glasses. But I am concerned that i may mis-focus on manual shots. (Which in other spots in this forum is recommended.)

So do you use the diopter adjust? If so what has been your experience?


My vision (again) focuses at "∞" (since about 10+ years ago when it was still a bit myopic). On my SD1M I have the dioptre/er adjustment set to suit my vision (I guess "0"). That corresponds with what I can see normally, as it allows me to see the scene as well as the viewfinder camera settings. To look at dials/text on the camera, I either squint, or where critical, wear reading glasses.

In other words, it minimises the need for glasses in the field for me. In your case, you'd need them for the scene and for the camera controls. As for mis-focusing, a bit of practice should help, but where focus is critical, put the glasses on.


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