My new X-t4 Has freezed up about 6 times

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Re: My new X-t4 Has freezed up about 6 times

digital-freak wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

In your shoes I'd reset the camera, and insure I'm using a new formatted memory card. If it doesn't occur again, all should be well. If it continues to do this relatively frequently and randomly, exchanging it would be advisable.

I've saved all my settings through X-Acquire, and its taken me a while to dial everything in.(I'm new to Fuji)

Might be a stupid question. If I doa reset then use X-Acquire to put my settings back in, would that just put me back where I was?

I'd start from scratch. But you might want to try the X-acquire restore and see what happens. It shouldn't make it any worse. Fuji issues firmware updates from time to time, usually indicating it fixed some unnamed bugs. Possibly the order in which you configured it revealed a bug in the programming.

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